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Last updated: May 17, 2020


Updates information for tourists about Corona virus situation in Sicily

corona virus sicily situation


Starting from May 18, 2020 the Italian government has decided for fewer restrictions in Italy and Sicily

thanks to the decrease of cases of Corona virus (Covid-19) in the country. Sicily has been among the less affected regions in Italy. For official updates visit the  website of the Sicilian regional government or the official site with information aboute the corona virus disease: http://www.siciliacoronavirus.it/

This is the new timeline in Italy to exit from the lockdown will be:

  • from May 18: all shops will open again. It's possible to travel inside the own region.
  • from June 3: traveling will be possible through whole Italy and the EU countries. Events allowed.
  • from June 15: traveling will be again possible also with non EU countries. Cinemas and theatres will open again.

Each regional government can decide specific measures considering the Covid-19 situation in the area. Below you can find further details about traveling limitations in Sicily

Moving in Sicily

From May 18 no permission is needed to move inside Sicily. Traveling from/to other regions or countries in still allowed only for specific cases (work, health). From June 3 it will be possible traveling between other Italian regions or EU countries. Starting from June 15 international travels also to not EU countries wil be allowed. It's necessary to wear masks in public and in some occasion gloves. Temperature will be checked in many public buildings and shops. Entrance is not allowed is the body temperature is more than 37,5°C. When moving around in Sicily take always with you a mask and gloves.

Situation at the airports and train stations

During the next weeks the number of flights from/to Sicily will increase. Catania Fontanarossa and Palermo Punta Raisi airports have never closed and Comiso and Trapani will reopen. Many flight companies are planning the restart of their connections. There will be health controls at the airports

Situation of the hotels and beaches

Hotels are reopening. There is a special regulation about the hotels. All rooms will be carefully cleaned daily. Online payment and booking is recommended. The hotel beaches must reserve a safety area for each customer. Groups sports like beach volley are note allowed at present.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars have reopened and must follow special health rules. Distance between customers must be at least 1 meter. Booking in recommended for restaurants.

Public transport

Busses must guarantee minimum safety distance among passengers. Taxis and private driver service are active. Two people can seat on the rear sites but it's necessary to wear a mask.

Archaeological sites, museum and monuments

Museums and cultural sites are opening in the next days. Safety distance and oneway paths must be guaranteed inside the buildings. Each museum or site will reopen when all the safety measures for the visitors are ready.

Guided tours

From May 18 private tours for solo travellers or families are possible. Group tours will probably be allowed from June 3.


We will regularly updated this post with information for tourists which are visiting Sicily or plan to visit the island.







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Corona virus situation in Sicily